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At G. Scott Hoke, P.A., we focus on several different areas of practice for our clients in Champlin and the Twin Cities Metro Area. These include commercial and residential real estate, business law, estate planning, and probate. Contact our office today to schedule a free initial consultation.

Real Estate

Real Estate Attorney | Champlin | G. Scott Hoke, P.A.Are you considering buying or selling a home? Are you renting or leasing a piece of commercial property? Whether you are pursuing a residential or commercial real estate transaction in Champlin or elsewhere in the Twin Cities Metro Area, it’s advisable to have experienced legal representation on your side. Real estate law tends to be very complicated and provides ample opportunity for fraudulent lenders or other parties to take advantage of first-time home buyers or others who haven’t engaged in major real estate transactions before. Even when all parties are acting in good faith during the transaction process, a careless bureaucratic mistake or error can expose homeowners to future litigation or other legal issues that can be costly and time-consuming to resolve.

By allowing a dedicated Champlin real estate lawyer to oversee any transactions in which you are involved, you can be sure that you’re doing everything possible to guarantee that things go smoothly. If any problems arise during a closing, such as the death of one or more interested parties on a deed or the discovery of dangerous conditions on a property, your real estate attorney can advise you how to proceed in a manner that won’t jeopardize your investments or compromise your rights.

Sometimes disputes arise during a real estate transaction related to easements, title problems or other matters that can’t be easily settled. In such cases, litigation may become necessary. Although litigation involving real estate matters doesn’t happen very often, if it does, you’ll want to have an aggressive real estate lawyer in your corner. At G. Scott Hoke, P.A., we have a well-deserved reputation for being an effective and reliable partner during litigation related to real estate disputes. Regardless of what side of the courtroom you may find yourself on, you’ll be in good hands when you hire us to represent you in civil court. We’ll act swiftly to help you secure a favorable outcome without wasting your time or money, and we’ll keep you informed about your case at each stage of the legal process.

Contact G. Scott Hoke today to schedule an appointment with a savvy real estate lawyer with nearly three decades of experience in helping Minnesotans take on real estate-related legal matters. From simple transactions to complex litigation, we’ve got you covered.

Business Law

Business Law Attorney | Champlin | G. Scott Hoke, P.A.Whether you’re an established small business owner or a entrepreneur launching a new enterprise, you’ve got a lot on your plate. We know. We may be a law office, but we’re also a business, and we know how complicated the legal aspects of running a business can be. Ask yourself: what kind of business entity best meets your needs? How can you ensure that any contracts you’re a party to will safeguard your rights and your interests as they are intended to? What if a major dispute arises over a matter of business law? If you’re unsure how to answer these questions, chances are that you can benefit from the assistance of an experienced Minneapolis business law attorney.

Hiring a reliable business law attorney to help oversee a transaction or establish a new business is an affordable and effective way to insulate yourself from liability, double taxation, or other variables that can make the difference between a business that thrives and one that doesn’t. Contact G. Scott Hoke, P.A. today to schedule a consultation with a knowledgeable business law lawyer who has spent the last 27 years protecting the rights and interests of Minnesota’s small business owners and helping them prosper in a competitive world.

Sometimes shareholder disputes or other disagreements can threaten to derail a profitable business enterprise. There are legal means available for settling such disputes, including mediation and arbitration, but if these approaches fail, civil litigation may become inevitable. Plaintiffs and defendants alike who are involved in business-related litigation are advised to retain aggressive legal representation in order to protect their rights. It’s unreasonable that as a small business owner you should be expected to understand Minnesota law when it comes to civil litigation, and you don’t have to. Contact G. Scott Hoke today to speak with a business law lawyer who will fight for you in court as though their own interests were at stake and will never back down when it comes to standing up for what’s right on your behalf.

G. Scott Hoke provides dedicated services related to all kinds of business law matters, including but not limited to entity formation, assistance with shareholders’ agreements and other contracts, and civil litigation. We look forward to speaking with you and discussing your legal options for growing your business both now and in the future. Call today!

Estate Planning

Let’s be honest: estEstate Planning Attorney | Champlin | G. Scott Hoke, P.A.ate planning is something most of us would prefer to put off for as long as possible. Unfortunately, procrastination when it comes to estate planning can have serious consequences down the line for you and your loved ones. Individuals who die without having a will or trust in place leave their assets subject to Minnesota’s intestate succession laws, with unpredictable results. Although state law dictates that under such circumstances a deceased person’s assets go to their closest relatives, the reality can be much more complicated, especially if minor children, major real estate investments, or other factors are involved. The best way to see that your property is distributed among your heirs according to your wishes is to create a sound will or trust with the aid of a seasoned Champlin estate planning attorney.

Ensuring the smooth passage of your property to your loved ones after your death is only one benefit of having a comprehensive estate plan in place. Consider this: what if you become incapacitated and unable to make medical or financial decisions for yourself? How can you be sure that health care personnel will respect your wishes when it comes to Do-Not-Resuscitate orders or other necessary medical intervention? Legal tools such as powers of attorney and advance health care directives allow you to provide precisely for these kinds of contingencies and should be included in any estate plan.

Schedule an appointment with a dedicated Minneapolis estate planning lawyer today to find out more about what you can do to secure your peace of mind for yourself and your family for years to come. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in your golden years or your salad days: you can probably benefit from the assistance of knowledgeable legal representation in creating a comprehensive estate plan. Getting started in doing so now is an affordable and easy way to protect your property and your family against future uncertainty.

G. Scott Hoke, P.A., offers dedicated legal services in all kinds of estate planning matters, including but not limited to wills, trusts, advance health care directives, powers of attorney, guardianships, conservatorships, tax planning, and more. Contact our office today to make an appointment with a capable estate planning lawyer who can assist you in evaluating your financial and personal circumstances and determining what kind of estate plan might be best for you.


Probate Attorney | Champlin | G. Scott Hoke, P.A.Under the Minnesota Probate Code, the will of a recently deceased person usually has to pass through the probate process in order to become valid. This process, also known as estate administration, is handled by a personal representative who is either appointed by the court or else named in the will of the deceased individual itself. The personal representative is responsible for accounting for and gathering the assets of the deceased and then paying legitimate debts to creditors. After this, the remainder of an estate is distributed among the deceased’s heirs in accordance with the instructions in the will. Unfortunately, the probate process can become needlessly time-consuming and expensive if it isn’t handled correctly. The best way to see that probate is handled effectively is to partner with a knowledgeable Champlin and Twin Cities Metro Area probate attorney.

When you allow a skilled probate lawyer to help guide you through the probate process, you’re doing more than just ensuring that you’re carrying out your duties according to the letter of the law. You’re also protecting the deceased’s wealth from unnecessary taxation, fraudulent creditors, or other factors that can significantly compromise the value of an estate. Additionally, there are many circumstances under which a personal representative is not needed or formal probate court may be unnecessary, and if this applies in your case, we’ll help you understand how to move forward with estate administration and honoring creditors’ claims. Call G. Scott Hoke, P.A. to learn more about the probate process and legal tools such as collection of affidavit, summary administration, and informal probate that may be available to you in significantly reducing the time and cost associated with the process of estate administration. Schedule an appointment with a skilled estate administration lawyer today to get started!

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